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Leveraging Your Most Precious Asset from Within

UGG Founder Brian Smith shows how you can utilize the most amazing power of the Universe from within you to succeed in your life and business.

Every business owner and entrepreneur begins their venture optimistically, but the passage of time allows disappointments, uncertainties, difficulties and apparent defeat creep into their lives.

On the darkest nights, your mind replays a feeling of dread that makes you want to give up.

Brian will share real life experiences of how he harvested the amazing power available to everyone, and utilized it to emerge from fear and live a life of joy and abundance (mostly…because he’s not done yet!).

He shows how to overcome doubt and impatience in such a natural way that you can get back to enjoying the dream of self-sufficiency that began your own journey.




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Brian Smith Speaker Introduction

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Dear Brian,

Thank you!… You gave me back my confidence when I was seriously doubting the point in all the efforts I’m putting into my work.

…listening to you today-to hear about your struggles and how you never gave up, how you stayed with it: What an inspiration!

Thank You,

Julia B

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